Carlos-Haydee Corredor — 5 starBEST TRAINING EVER....Outstanding instructors who know how to push you to the next level....OH YEAH....LOVE THIS PLACE...


Billy Hewitt — 5 starJust completed my first 90 day challange and I love my gym. The atmosphere created by Mike, Anita and the whole Crossover familly is non judgemental and comfortable no matter what your level of fitness maybe


Margot Villanova — 5 starExcellent training in a fun, safe environment. Even though some people are stronger and more capable than I am, the trainers make sure I get a great workout that suits my needs and abilities. We encourage each other !!!


Luis Miguel Ramos — 5 starThe motivation the trainers give you is beyond greatness! The work outs and the environment is just perfect, it's more than just a work out and a membership, it's a life changing experience! Love my gym family!!!


Shannon Ballard — 5 starBest workout of my life! Awesome instructors, great equipment, exceptional motivators! Its changed my life! Try it !!!


Monique Dewar Dituri — 5 starFor anyone who wants to get in shape, stay in shape, or train for an event, this is the place to go. There is no feeling of being judged for being overweight like at a typical gym. Every instructor and member makes you feel like you are part of a family, cheering you on towards your individual goals. The energy in this place is magnetic and makes you want to work even harder. I have never been in such an amazing environment



Cynthia Carralero — 5 starNew to the family and welcomed me with open arms!! Love love love this place!!! If you are ready for a workout and a challenge in your life crossover is where you need to be!! Thanks for the motivation!


Aida Montero — 5 starNot only is it fun and a great place to exercise, but the trainers and members are the most SUPPORTIVE, MOTIVATIONAL and Down to earth people you will ever meet in your life. No matter who you are or what you do, you will be welcomed with open arms and pushed to succeed to reach any type of fitness goal or any other goals you may have. CROSSOVER TRAINING AND FITNESS IS THE PLACE TO GO!



Nicole Arp — 5 starWhen you decide to take your health and body serious your life changing decision should start with Crossover training & fitness! Amazing team to to guide you to reach your fitness goals! The proof is in the results !!!



Jose L Agudelo — 5 starThis place is amazing, fitness for the whole family, while my kids take Taekwondo I enjoy a class of xFit. Great facility and awesome staff, all the trainers are super friendly, and I can always get a parking space! Join!


Alex Cartagena — 5 starGreat place to work out as a team and get personal training as well as great advice. Never boring and always a great place to work out with wonderful supportive people. Always a clean facility with great staff. Boxing, MMA, Jujitsu, for all ages. I recommend this place to anyone who is serious in getting in great shape. CROSSOVER!!!



Surbhi Garg — 5 starLove it!!! Superb place to get your act together. Highly charged and motivating environment.